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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

I must be sick

Why, because I have a copy of Windows XP on my MacBook Pro. I have had a copy of Parallels Desktop for Mac for quite a while. However, I never took the time to install a copy of XP. Well, the new Coherence feature finally made me take the plunge. That and the fact that I got tired of using the Diablo II character editor on Kathy’s Gateway and having to transfer the hacked characters back to my Mac. Now I can edit the characters in my copy of XP and the folder the data is in is shared so there isn’t even a need to drag and drop.

I really don’t like the entire Windows experience (when I installed my XP pre SP 1 OS I had to endure four hours of upgrades to get it to SP2 with all the latest patches), but I need to run GroupWise (I’m pushing to have us look at something else) and my character editor and this makes it convenient. Performance is great and coherence makes you almost forget you are using Windows. I’d say that if you can’t wait to see what Leopard holds then snag a copy of Parallels.

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2 responses to “I must be sick”

  1. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    I just received a Parallels machine for the first time, and will be exploring it for the next couple of weeks. There’s something… scary? unclean? thrilling?… about seeing the Windows desktop on Mac hardware, or hearing the startup theme emerge from Apple speakers.

  2. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar

    I must say it is very convenient. I just installed the trial of Office 2007 to play with until the OS X version is released. Hopefully we will move to a mail/calendar/scheduling solution that is web based like Zimbra and I won’t need to run Groupwise anymore.

    As a zealot I would say it is unholy. Every time I start up the XP install I feel like I am doing something very wrong. Maybe one day I won’t feel like that.