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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Software

  • Fun with Moodle, Not!

    Breathe. Take a long breath. That’s what you do when you’re faced with a Moodle issue that has your phone ringing off the hook with confused faculty on the other end. Let’s spell out what the issue was and how it got fixed.A few weeks ago a faculty member noticed that there were extra people […]

  • Some tools to keep an eye on

    Now that we have a number of faculty switching their course management out of Moodle and into WordPress, there are a couple of tasks that need tools to be identified. The two big ones are file sharing and grading. There are a couple of options to monitor for file sharing: Dropbox and Google Drive. There […]

  • Digital Scholarship and Interactive Publishing

    Digital Scholarship and Open Access Publishing are two trends that have been emerging for several years, and at this point have probably arrived. The advent of platforms such as Blogger and WordPress have made it extremely easy for faculty to share their research and “publish”. I like tools such as these because they are free […]

  • Digging into custom post types

    With the announcement of Anthologize (a product of the One Week | One Tool program), I started wondering about the possibilities for using WordPress as an eportfolio that was capable of producing a neatly formatted portfolio. The benefit of Anthologize is that this porfolio could be formatted as a PDF, ePub book, or as an […]

  • Back on the Pipe(s)

    I really wish Yahoo! talked more about Pipes. I don’t know when I first started messing around with it, but it was probably shortly after Pipes was announced and showed up in one of my numerous RSS feeds. I couldn’t really figure out how I would use it. Then a year or so ago I […]