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Flock again

I posted about Flock a while back (will add links later) but have stopped using it for a while. I remember thinking all of it’s social networking features were cool and they have gotten better, so I’m giving it another look. I’m writing this with its blogging tool, which is not as good as ScribeFire for Firefox. I miss having my categories available while composing or maybe I’m missing them and they are obvious. I doubt I’ll switch from Firefox but if I find anything interesting I’ll post about it. (Ah, the categories show up when you try to post.)

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One response to “Flock again”

  1. Eric Maynard Avatar

    “Forced” myself to switch and give Flock over a month ago.  I still have not found anything that I couldn’t do with similar plug ins in standard FF.
    It is nice for keeping your FF cleaner.  I only have web dev tools installed on FF now and all my “social” tools are in Flock, so I guess that is one good use for it.