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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Social Software

  • Building a community

    Since returning from WordCamp NYC I’ve been working on updating the Voices service. (Just have to mention that it seems one of the tagaroo updates would appear to have fixed the lag while writing. Nice job!) One of the things I was really excited about at WCNYC was the way a few people had used […]

  • Inadvertant learning

    I’ve been on vacation since returning from the New Media Consortium conference in Monterey. Usually this would mean playing a lot of Warcraft, mowing the yard, keeping ahead of the laundry, and all those other things one does when on a staycation. But this one has been a little different. Kathy now works from home, which means I really

  • To BuddyPress or not to BuddyPress?

    Soon? We will have a new WPMU install up and my dilemma is whether to make it a BuddyPress installation. For those that may not know, BuddyPress turns your WPMU install into a community blogging site with group blogs, profiles, friending, etc. BuddyPress does this via plugins and some special themes. The reason I am […]

  • Get an MA in Social Media

    This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Social Media is a somewhat different beast than print and television media and the skills required to use it to best effect are different. My involvment with the redesign of Wooster’s website has just highlighted how different social media is. People coming from a print background […]

  • Betty wants to help you with your e-mail

    Cc:Betty is a Web app that organizes e-mail threads as Web pages. It seems to convert the thread into a wiki. It may be useful in introducing the wiki concept to those faculty members that are still a little unsure about wikis.