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A couple of interesting project ideas

I took a little stroll around the Web today and happened upon two interesting sites. The first was Fifty People One Question. The idea is to go to a location pose the same question to 50 people. This is certainly not a new idea but for some reason I found the site compelling. This could easily be a project in any course here at Wooster. The second site was Pic Lits. Again I would imagine that the idea is not new by any stretch, but the way it is implemented is interesting. It is really just the classic assign words from a list to an image. The goal being to convey the story told by the image. I’m sure this makes for an interesting assignment in any writing class.



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2 responses to “A couple of interesting project ideas”

  1. Terry Friedlander Avatar

    hey. Thanks for posting and kudos. PicLits is what you have describe plus some.
    Language Arts teachers have found the site and the feedback is awesome. This is a for sure teaching tool. You can choose either the home page “DRAG-N-DROP” which is the IP or go to FREESTYLE which is equally as popular. The user can write a sotry, a sentence, a poem,a caption, a verse or whatever and we call the creation a “PicLit”. E-mail it, blog it, post to Facebook and just make sure if you want to save your Piclits to register. For ESL/ELL teachers, this appears to be a natural. We are working on a Spanish version and a PRINT IT FUNCTION as well.
    Dig deep into the site and read PicLits out-loud in your class or write them as a family. Rock and write. There are lots of applications for grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary.
    Terry Friedlander, founder

    1. Jon Avatar

      Thanks for the info Terry. I’ve only had a little time to look at the site and think about how we can employ it in the curriculum. I’ll make sure to give it some more attention soon.