Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

A couple of cool accessories

Trying to catch up on two weeks worth of RSS (vacations have their drawbacks). There were a couple of very cool items that I spotted as I skimmed through the 2898 articles. The first was ThumbTacks. These little guys are mics for iPod Nanos (4G) and iPodTouch (2G). One of the things that the iPod Touch lacks for some applications is a way to get sound onto the device. These seem like a very stylish way to accomplish that task. The second item was the DUO. The DUO claims to turn an ordinary laptop or desktop into a tablet. A sensor on the top of the monitor allows the latop to become pen enabled with the companion pen. It seems that the device is PC only, but it might be worth investigating. It sounds very similar to the overlays that SMART Technologies has for LCDs. With the rumors floating around that Apple is ordering touch screens for Q3, we may not have much longer to wait for an Apple tablet.