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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Teaching

  • The future of the Liberal Arts

    I have written in previous posts about my fear that the Liberal Arts are losing their relevance in the eyes of society. In this TED talk 1 Liz Coleman, president of Bennington College, highlights some of the things I have been thinking about the state of many Liberal Arts colleges. While I do not think […]

  • Get an MA in Social Media

    This should not come as a surprise to anyone. Social Media is a somewhat different beast than print and television media and the skills required to use it to best effect are different. My involvment with the redesign of Wooster’s website has just highlighted how different social media is. People coming from a print background […]

  • Were faculty members justified in being concerned?

    A recent study seems to indicate that students “who download a podcast lecture achieve substantially higher exam results than those who attend the lecture in person.” 1 As the news article points out this doesn’t necessarily mean students can stop going to class or that professors are out of a job. There are a number […]

  • Some interesting posts from A List Apart

    My RSS reader finally decided to pick up the two post made to ALA on Sunday: Brighter Horizons for Web Education and Elevate Web Design at the University Level. The articles are dealing with the state of Web education. The general feeling is that our educational system is doing a terrible job of preparing the […]

  • A world without grades

    I’m taking a small digression from technology stuff to think about what a world without grades might look like. Why? Because of this post on the Chronicle’s site. To think that grades or the lack there of could cause such a situation just seems absurd. A google seach for “a world without grades” turned up […]