Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

To BuddyPress or not to BuddyPress?

Soon? We will have a new WPMU install up and my dilemma is whether to make it a BuddyPress installation. For those that may not know, BuddyPress turns your WPMU install into a community blogging site with group blogs, profiles, friending, etc. BuddyPress does this via plugins and some special themes.

The reason I am considering BuddyPress is to distinguish the WPMU install administered by Instructional Technology from the one administered by Web Services. Yes, we will have two installations. It was decided that blogs that were more official in nature needed to have branding similar to the new website and more restictions on content. So the Instructional Technology WPMU will be open. Users will be able to have any of a 100 themes, content will be posted under CC license, plugins will be abundant, and it will hopefully be an organic community. BuddyPress might help to further the latter. My main concern is the ability to revert to a normal WPMU. If we decide BuddyPress is not what we want can we easily revert to plain WPMU by turning off the plugins? Guess it is time to load it up onto my Dreamhost account and do some testing.