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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Suggestions for woodle

A few requests have been made for changes or additions to woodle:

  1. Reverse sort weeks
  2. Update Questionnaire module
  3. Allow upload of plain text files with no HTML filtering
  4. Allow assignments to be worth more than 100 points
  5. Allow two separate grade components (lecture and lab)

I will look into each of these and report back on what I find.






  1. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar

    1. Looking to see if there is a solution that is not a hack of the code base.
    2. There is a newer version which will be added with the upgrade to Moodle 1.5.3 in the first week of January.
    3. Uploaded files should no longer be filtered.
    4. Seems to be no easy way to do this in 1.5.x but it should be an option in 1.6. Some discussion about being able to hack a certain file that would allow higher point values.
    5. Not sure about this. Labs will be separate courses in woodle since they are separate for the Registrar.

  2. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar

    1. We are testing the section block and I think it will be acceptable for most users. It has been added to my class and to Simon’s class, but anyone can add it to their course.

    2. Checking to see if the version currently installed is the newest version.

    3. Testing solution.

    4. Looking to see where in the code we would need to hack, but am trying to set up a test version of 1.6 to see how it will work.

    5. Have not found anything about this on any of the Moodle documentation or support forums. Will ask some of the Moodle users at SSUG about this.

    In addition I have installed the e-mail block to allow the selective e-mailing like in BB. In addition this block keeps a log for every user of their sent and received e-mails.