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Oh my god not more copyright stuff

Well, after a long pause, I begin the new year with the excitment that is copyright and fair use. I’m starting to think I went into the wrong profession. There is a fortune to be made in litigating all the issues surrounding copyright.

Anyway, I am in Pamona (a very nice area with mountains all around) at a NITLE sponsored workshop on copyright. I ran into Peter and Eric from the ITLAC conference in 2005 and have had dinner. The discussions start tomorrow but I’ve already got a lot out of it in the form of handouts which lead to the Copyright Information Center. This is a treasure trove of all things copyright. The two most useful documents so far appear to be the

but there are a lot of other interesting looking things. There is also the flow chart for determining if permission is required (adapted with permission of Mary Minow).


I look forward to the discussions tomorrow.



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