Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

MU Admin Bar

This is a port of Matt Read’s WP Admin Bar 2 plugin. It can be installed in mu-plugins or plugins and will put an admin bar at the top of the page for each logged in user. It uses a hack to put itself at the top of each blog but you no longer have to add code to every theme. If the plugin is working correctly users will see pretty much all the admin tabs across the top of the blog making it easy for them to interact with their blog. Version 1.4.x will display a Site admin link for Site admins but not for regular users and can be configured (by uncommenting some lines) to work with Dr Mike’s Random Blog plugin to add a Random Blog link. 1.4.1 incorporated some changes that were requested by users. Most notably it splits the bar in two and displays different links in each piece. 1.4.1 also cleaned up the code a little bit and fixed the issue with IE showing the bar in the footer area (Thanks chris). Version 1.4.4 makes it so that you do not need to edit all themes on a site to be shifted down by 28px. That is the only change.

MU Admin Bar 1.4.4