Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Inadvertant learning

I’ve been on vacation since returning from the New Media Consortium conference in Monterey. Usually this would mean playing a lot of Warcraft, mowing the yard, keeping ahead of the laundry, and all those other things one does when on a staycation. But this one has been a little different. Kathy now works from home, which means I really do need to stay on top of the housework (no waiting to start so that I would be done just before she got home), and it means I am listening to the webinars she is attending (Yes, I have noise canceling headphones for WoW, but they only do so much.).

This week’s webinar series was all about SEO and inbound marketing. The event was organized by Hubspot and featured a series of well-respected authorities on SEO and marketing. A lot of attention was payed to increasing your rank in Google, extending the reach of your content, and making the proper use of social media in marketing yourself. It was very interesting stuff to listen to as I completed my various daily quests. Many of the things they mentioned I knew, but there were several things I took away that I think will prove useful in the coming months as I work on the Voices site. Who knows I may have even passed their exam so I will be certified in inbound marketing.