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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

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  • Digital Scholarship and Interactive Publishing

    Digital Scholarship and Open Access Publishing are two trends that have been emerging for several years, and at this point have probably arrived. The advent of platforms such as Blogger and WordPress have made it extremely easy for faculty to share their research and “publish”. I like tools such as these because they are free […]

  • Digging into custom post types

    With the announcement of Anthologize (a product of the One Week | One Tool program), I started wondering about the possibilities for using WordPress as an eportfolio that was capable of producing a neatly formatted portfolio. The benefit of Anthologize is that this porfolio could be formatted as a PDF, ePub book, or as an […]

  • Playing with Technology now Multisite enabled

    I took the plunge today (first day of vacation) and moved to Multisite. It was a little scary when it told me to disable all my plugins but it looks like I have everything working. One thing I discovered is that the text in a Text widget is lost when doing this. I had […]

  • The great Voices upgrade of 2010

    Ah, July, the month of software upgrades on college campuses across the nation. It is no different at Wooster. This July we will be upgrading the two main application for which I am the administrator, WordPress and Moodle. Of the two I am most interested in WordPress since there are a host of new features […]

  • WordPress 3.0 and the future of “Playing with Technology”

    WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” has gone live and I have updated the Instructional Technology site, Playing with Technology, Jon Breitenbucher, Orthogonal Creations, The Breitenbuchers and On my five sites, all hosted on a DreamHost PS, everything went smoothly. I was shocked when this site upgraded without a hitch. I am running 42 plugins on the […]