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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Do you have time to meet with me?

I have been asked this question a lot over the past five years. In my split role as an Instructional Technologist and Professor, people often need to meet with me to pose some questions. I wasn’t always great about putting the chance encounter meetings onto my calendar and would often double book. To try and address this I set up my own Web calendar and started sending people there when they wanted to meet with me. It worked but still had issues (people had to e-mail me a meeting time so I could add it to the calendar) and I had to keep the software updated. So last semester I just put everything in my Google calendar and didn’t have to update software anymore, but I still had students e-mailing me to setup appointments. So I was delighted when I clicked a link in one of my feeds that took me to

Tungle makes it super simple to allow people to schedule meetings with me. In the first four weeks of class, I’ve already had half of my class use the link I give them in our course site to setup a meeting. So far it has been a joy to use and I can’t think of anything I’d need to change. I’ve enjoyed it so much that I recommended it to the other members of the Instructional Technology department. And they must be doing something right because my boss has started using it. I’m not sure how you’d find it via Google as a search for “web based scheduling” and “web based appointments” didn’t turn up Tungle in the first page of results. Hopefully people reading this spread the word.






2 responses to “Do you have time to meet with me?”

  1. Jonathan Levitt Avatar

    Just wanted to stop in and thank you for the post. We really appreciate your help in spreading the Tungle love! If you ever have feedback on how we can improve the product, we’d love to hear from you.
    Thanks again and keep on Tunglin’

    Jonathan Levitt
    VP Marketing – Tungle

  2. Jon Avatar

    Thanks for creating such a wonderful tool. I know that at least two of faculty members are using it to schedule meetings with their students and love it.

    I also have 3/4 of the instructional technology group using it. Keep up the good job.