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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Craig E. Nelson at U Calgary

D’Arcy posted about Craig E. Nelson visiting the Teaching and Learning Center at the University of Calgary. Mr. Nelson was talking about fostering critical thinking. D’Arcy pulled out some interesting points and if you’re interested you should read his post. Of course he talks about his new camera some more but don’t fault him for that 🙂







4 responses to “Craig E. Nelson at U Calgary”

  1. D'Arcy Norman Avatar

    heh. didn’t mean for it to be a talking-about-the-camera post… it just all kinda merged together 🙂

  2. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar

    Well, I’m just jealous. I wish I had your camera. I’ve got a Canon SD 410 which is now obsolete after a year. It takes nice photos, but feels like a step down from the PowerShot G1 I had. The G1 got killed at Niagra Falls when some water vapor got in the flash unit and it blew up.

  3. D'Arcy Norman Avatar

    Ouch. Cool, though. Having a camera blow up and all. As long as nobody was hurt. If it helps, my XT is obsolete now, too. Still a really nice camera, and still has that brand new smell. But obsolete. Stupid progress…