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WPMU coding is hard

Well, any PHP coding is hard when you don’t have any formal training. I’m trying to figure out a way to adapt the Branford Magazine theme so that the categories list in the “rightcol” is pulled from categories that live on different blogs of a WPMU install. Think of it as pulling sports from my blog, entertainment from your blog, and finance from a third blog. We want to display just the most recent post from each blog in the appropriate category on that blog (Sports, Entertainment, Finance). Our idea is to allow Joe, Matt, and me to maintain our individual blogs but still have things we write show up on the main Instructional Technology site. Actually is it more complicated as my blog doesn’t live on the schools equipment and so direct DB access is not possible for my stuff. We may need to scrap that and just use some sort of RSS feed functionality. Bah, I told you it was hard.



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  1. Eric Maynard Avatar

    Jon,  I’m sur you are probably already aware of this, but I thought I’d pass it on all the same.
    You might consider using one of the mashup services out there like Yahoo Pipes to join the feeds into one.
    There are even some sites that are geared specifically toward this.  In the end, almost all of them use some form Javascript to pull the aggregated feed into your page which is also an option.
    Of course, none of those will be as integrated and site aware as something coded into the site’s native template structure.  Good luck.