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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Why the long absence?

So, I haven’t posted for a while. Curious as to why? Well, too bad, I’m going to tell you. I started playing World of Warcraft (WoW). It’s Joe’s fault really although Derek Newland contributed. “So what does that have to do with the absence?”, you ask. I used to do a lot and I mean a lot of stuff for work at home. I would spend 3-4 hours a night blogging and doing other things related to work. Those hours are now split between family and WoW, which is much healthier for me and my family (Kathy also plays WoW and that’s my fault.). However, it means the blog suffers because I am only 2/3 Instructional Technology and there is more than enough work to fill 2/3s of a person when the department only has 2 and 2/3s staff plus an intern and a few students. I’ll try to carve out some time to post each week, I have a backlog of things to post about.






One response to “Why the long absence?”

  1. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    Looking forward to your next posts, having missed you of late. But I understand the… immersive powers of such programs!