Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Web services’ policies

When it was time to release this blog server, I had a conversation with Anne Gates, Secretary of the College, about the Terms-of-Use and Privacy Policy I had adapted from Harvard Laws blog server. In the course of that discussion, it became clear that what was really needed was for a group to look at the policies governing all of our Web services and to make sure that any planned services were in line with the College’s Strategic Plan. Anne asked me to pull together a group to discuss this. The group consists of the Secretary of the College, the Director of Alumni Relations and The Wooster Fund, Associate Vice President of College Relations, the Chief Information Technology Officer, the Director of Instructional Technology, the Director of Web Services, and myself. We had our first meeting on this past Tuesday.

At the meeting we listed Web services that we currently offer and if possible the location of policies governing the service. We soon realized that there are many services which we do not know for sure which policies if any govern. The decision was to pull together all of the policies we listed and look through them to see if we need to develop new policies or if we can just revise the current policies to be more broad in their scope. Anne was going to pull together copies of existing policies and mail them to the members this coming week. I am to arrange the next meeting after allowing sufficient time for people to read the policies. Our thinking is for our group to determine a course and then have CITC carry out the actions and develop the new policies.

Existing Policies