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Understudy (Netflix and Hulu through Front Row)

I rarely remember that my Mac even has Front Row. I would guess it is because I have what are considered traditional TV watching habits. I either watch the show when it is airing on the network or I use the DVR to record it and watch it later. It all makes sense. Where would Front Row come into this snug little world? Oh, hey, how am I supposed to watch these individual TV episodes that are on my laptop. You know Front Row will let you play them if you hook up to the flat panel. Hmm, will Front Row let me watch anything else?

This is where Understudy enters the picture. Understudy allows you to set up feeds from Netflix and Hulu right in Front Row. You can then browse the shows or movies in those feeds using Front Row and then play them. For Hulu there is really nothing to it. All that is required is copying the URL of the feed to the clipboard and then choosing the paste URL from clipboard option in Understudy. To play Netflix films you’ll need to be logged into your Netflix account in Safari and you’ll need to have available view on demand time. I found it to be a really nice way to leverage these on-line video services. I’ve already set up my Legend of the Seeker feed.



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2 responses to “Understudy (Netflix and Hulu through Front Row)”

  1. Eric Maynard Avatar
    Eric Maynard

    That is until Hulu, in a fit of paranoid delusion, decides to block access to any other access type beyond their own site.

    Come on guys…. get with the program and stop acting like a bunch of luddites. We already sit through the commercials without problem, why be such a dictator when it comes to where and how we watch them.

  2. Jon Avatar

    I worried about that as well.