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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Presentations

  • The future of the Liberal Arts

    I have written in previous posts about my fear that the Liberal Arts are losing their relevance in the eyes of society. In this TED talk 1 Liz Coleman, president of Bennington College, highlights some of the things I have been thinking about the state of many Liberal Arts colleges. While I do not think […]

  • Bryan comes through again

    Hmmm. So Liberal Education Today had a post about Web 2.0 technologies used in a class. This post was particularly interesting because the tools were used in the context of Moodle. Also of great interest was the use of Jing and Screencast. Screencast looks to be too expensive for campus use, but I’m going to […]

  • Timeline 3D, why haven’t I heard of this before?

    Actually, I feel stupid for not thinking that there might be faculty that want to create timeline presentations. You can see some examples at Bee Docs’ Web site. I can totally see art history, history, or any presentations where the timing of events is important for understanding the overall story finding a use for software […]

  • What can you communicate in 60 seconds?

    My news feeds brought me a little tidbit today from Apple. The story that caught my attention was about 60 second lectures. The University of Pennsylvania is featured in the story but this is similar to projects that we had students do to emulate NPR stories. The idea is to pick a short time frame […]

  • The Commons (or why flickr is awesome)

    In following up on my idea for using flickr to create an image collection for Wooster, I happened to revisit The Commons. I had visited it when it was first announced and looked at some of the images put up by The Library of Congress, but I had not been back since. I was surprised […]