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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Educause

  • Photos from the closing dinner

    Well, Carol sent us the photos from the final dinner. Anthony and I had some fun with her camera.

  • Copyright infringement from the inside

    Ross Housewright worked with Tarleton Gillespie to do research on copyright infringement and file sharing while an undergrad at Cornell. He wanted to conduct the study because the message we hear is one sided and from the record labels. The message of students and average consumers is not being heard. Cornell had Napster and students…

  • Science in the Netherlands

    Interesting look at how to increase the interest in science in the Netherlands. Not sure if the conclusions apply to the US, but certainly worth further reading.

  • iTunes U

    The iTunes U session shed some interesting light on the whole iTunes U model. First, the students will authenticate from our LDAP server and so their LDAP records will have to have a record of courses they are in and what priviledges they have for iTunes U content. This should be easier since we have…

  • Keynote

    Cerf said some very interesting things. The question he was addressing was “Where is the science in computer science?” Lots of advances in hardware but what about software. The scientific method follows the model of hypothesis, experiment, share, repeat until all things agree. Cerf wonders where this process is in computer science. I might also…