Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Category: Classroom

  • Timeline 3D, why haven’t I heard of this before?

    Actually, I feel stupid for not thinking that there might be faculty that want to create timeline presentations. You can see some examples at Bee Docs’ Web site. I can totally see art history, history, or any presentations where the timing of events is important for understanding the overall story finding a use for software…

  • What SMART boards should be

    This is an amazing video of a multi-touch surface that blows away the current SMART boards I have seen. It is available now and boy would I like to get one to experiment with.

  • iTunes U goes public

    On Tuesday Apple Computer added an iTunes U area to it’s iTunes store. This should be a very exciting thing for our faculty as it provides them with access to a myriad of educational podcasts and example of what they themselves could be doing with a little help fromInstructional Technology. Wooster has been accepted in…

  • Another place for Creative Commons sounds

    Freesounds is another place to get sounds that can be used in student projects.

  • Blog session

    I’m in Professor Holt’s FYS right now. We are talking about how to interact with the blog software. Image uploading is one of the things they need to know how to do.