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Timeline 3D, why haven’t I heard of this before?

Actually, I feel stupid for not thinking that there might be faculty that want to create timeline presentations. You can see some examples at Bee Docs’ Web site. I can totally see art history, history, or any presentations where the timing of events is important for understanding the overall story finding a use for software like this. Check it out and see what you think.



4 responses to “Timeline 3D, why haven’t I heard of this before?”

  1. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    Why haven’t you heard about it? well, it’s Mac-only, which is going to seriously limit the amount of discussion out there.
    Within the world, I don’t know why it’s not getting more buzz.

  2. Jon Avatar

    Is there something like this for the Windows community? Why don’t we see something about this type of presentation format in NITLE? When you consider this format versus PowerPoint or Keynote the Timeline format wins hands down for a number of the types of presentations many faculty have.

    Oh, Bryan, I moved my blog so it is now at I rescued your comment from the old site and got it in here, but you might want to update your feed setting.

  3. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    What about MIT’s SIMILE?
    Thanks for the pointer about the, er, pointer.  🙂

  4. Eric Maynard Avatar does this real time for your lifestream.
    Also, check out as well.  Not quite as flashy as the 3d timeline, but it’s in a similar category.