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Strange problem

There seems to be some strange problem with access to the blogs from off campus. I am able to access all the blogs from off campus, but I have my DNS set to use the College’s servers. I changed my settings to use my ISP’s DNS servers and coulde still access all the blogs. This seems to rule out a problem with the DNS wildcard required for WordPress MU. I am starting to wonder if it is a problem with the ISP used by the people having trouble. I think both people who have contacted me use SSSNet as their ISP. I have asked Systems to look into things.






  1. Jacqui Avatar

    Perhaps now is a good time to mention this, then — earlier today, some of the blogs from P. Havholm’s class were down, but not others. (Mine was one of the down ones.) Unfortunately, I didn’t write down which were which because I was on my way somewhere, so I am not sure if there were significant differences between them.

    I don’t know if this is the result of Systems doing some kind of test, or some other problem they could look into… or perhaps just a little blip or some scheduled downtime that I wasn’t aware of.

  2. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar


    As far as I know there wasn’t any testing going on and there was no sceduled downtime. I’ll check logs to see if I can spot anything.