Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Remembering Dr. Ted

If you see this post today, take a minute to think about Dr. Ted Williams. Ted passed away a year ago today but his influence can still be seen and felt on campus. It seems the memorial page has been taken down but it is still cached on Google. The Wooster Magazine has a nice story.

I never wanted to take a class with Ted when I was a student. Everyone said he was really tough. What they didn’t say is that he would walk to the ends of the Earth to make sure each of his students succeeded. They might not succeed in his class but that was not important. What was important for Ted was that each student lived up to their potential and succeeded in life. I didn’t find this out until I returned to teach at Wooster and started to eat lunch with Ted at the “Round Table” in Mom’s. Even in the couple of years that I really got to know him he was able to make a lasting impression. I think that was one of his gifts.

We miss you Ted.