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Music that can be used for free

One of the things that is a concern for student produced video and audio projects is the use of songs in the audio track. Copyright law would say you can use 10% of a song which for most songs would be about 24 seconds. So students can’t use an entire song in their audio track. What alternatives do they have? I have found two:

which provide a wide array of music that is for the most part free to be used in the types of projects students produce.



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3 responses to “Music that can be used for free”

  1. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    This is a serious problem. Cf JD Lasica’s excellent Darknet book. We have aggregated some more content links for our multimedia narrative workshop,

  2. Jon Breitenbucher Avatar

    Bryan, thanks for the link. I found the content links toward the bottom. How concerned should we be about this in terms of Students or Faculty that continue to use entire songs or more than 3 minutes of films? How does one help them get it? Did anything come out of the workshop?

  3. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    Well, that’s a workshop we offer every month or so, it seems. And in those the copyright demon appears each time. Like JD says, and as teachers know, that demon blocks creativity very powerfully.

    Is this a problem? Yes, especially as bandwidth grows, tools become easier, and the amount of digital stuff keeps growing.