Playing with Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

More policy stuff

A few weeks ago I sent out an e-mail requesting policy information from Bryan Alexander (NITLE/Middlebury), Mark Pearson (Earlham), Scott Siddall (Denison), Dan Temple (Kenyon), Albert Borroni (Oberlin), Theresa Byrd (Ohio Wesleyan), Carl Heideman (Hope), and Dennis Trinkle (DePauw). I received responses from Mark and Scott. Both pointed me to their school’s respective Acceptable Use Policy. Earlham’s policy was last updated in May of 2005 and is very much like Denison’s policy. Of Denison’s policy Scott said:

Denison’s AUP was structured so that we don’t have to amend it for new technologies, and so far, this seems to be working although clearly there will come a day when a technology disrupts that strategy.

Our AUP is modeled after that from The Ohio State University. I worked with Steve McDonald when he was counsel there (he’s at RISD now) and in the process found that more than 16 other institutions have modeled their AUP after that from OSU.

My guess is that it would make sense for us to examine OSU’s policy and adjust it to fit our needs.