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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

Mobile Wi-fi

I totally love the freedom. I’m waiting for Kath and Abigail to finish at the Medina library and am surfing the Web on my iPhone via the public Wi-fi on the square. How great is that? If I was a student I could totally be researching stuff for class, checking assignments in woodle, or goofing off like I am. In any case a backpack full of stuff isn’t required. Cell phones were good but they didn’t become truly great until they allowed one to use the net just like on the desktop. I’m excited to see how we can incorporate this into classes.



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  1. Eric Maynard Avatar
    Eric Maynard

    That’s why Verizon and the other big telcos need to play catch up with the iPhone.  Soon everyone will demand that experience and they won’t be able to continue with the same AOL style model of serving it up.