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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke


Bryan has been holding out on me, or maybe I missed a post at Liberal Education Today. The SIMILE project has a lot of cool stuff going on. I’m not sure their Timeline gets at what 3D Timeline does and what Eric suggested doesn’t quite seem to get at it either. 3D Timeline does let you see more context while looking at the details. I think that is what I like the most about it. Anyway, I’ll be checking out some of the other things MIT is doing. I wish I could develop cool widgets but I am just a consumer 🙁







4 responses to “MIT’s SIMILE”

  1. Bryan Alexander Avatar

    SIMILE isn’t exactly the same, but it’s playing in the same waters.  And it’s getting some interesting use.  Keep an eye on it, Mac man.

    1. Jon Avatar

      I’ll definitely keep an eye on MIT’s actions.

  2. Eric Maynard Avatar

    Yeah, if you’re wanting a pure time-line for instructional purposes, then Heekya is not really the ideal setup.
    Although, I think that there is some merit to joining a time-line with something like Heekya, Swurl, or Apture.

    1. Jon Avatar

      I see most of the use coming from taking a series of historical imagaes and putting them in a context. So I see this as expanding a PowerPoint so you can see all 10-12 slides at once and get a better sense of how the events relate. So many people are visual learners and Timeline 3D seems to be aimed right at them.