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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke


I just finished watching Helvetica (awesome movie for type nuts), which has spurred me to do two things. First, I changed the fonts on the site to check for Helvetica first so let me know if you like the look. (I may try to find a better font for the posts as I’m not sure I like Helvetica for that.) Second, I’m totally going to buy some sort of font editing software. One of the things that got me into using TeX and LaTeX was the fonts and the fact that Knuth designed them and I could use Metafont to edit fonts (well not really since I never really figured it out). This got me into using Fontographer and into designing my own fonts and editing others. I haven’t done this for about 5 years because my version didn’t get an upgrade for OS X right away and I wanted native apps. However, Fontagrapher has been upgraded and FontLab Studio now runs on OS X (actually both seem to have been available for about three years) so I may be back to playing around with fonts.

Edit: So I am trying ‘myriad pro’, myriad, helvetica, ‘century gothic’, futura.



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