• 07.07.10 : The great Voices upgrade of 2010

    Ah, July, the month of software upgrades on college campuses across the nation. It is no different at Wooster. This July we will be upgrading the two main application for which I am the administrator, WordPress and Moodle. Of the two I am most interested in WordPress since there are a host of new features […]

  • 20.01.10 : Building a community

    Since returning from WordCamp NYC I’ve been working on updating the Voices service. (Just have to mention that it seems one of the tagaroo updates would appear to have fixed the lag while writing. Nice job!) One of the things I was really excited about at WCNYC was the way a few people had used […]

  • 15.11.09 : Some thoughts from WordCamp NYC

    Today was spent in sessions from 9-6 with a break for lunch. Some really great stuff. One of the things I came away with is that my desire to move Voices to BuddyPress is right on. Every BuddyPress session I attended just reinforced my thoughts about how important BuddyPress is to building a blogging community […]