Exciting, exciting

So I haven’t posted anything for a while because like D’Arcy I am busy setting up a WPMU install. I am also in the process of redesigning the Instructional Technology Web site. The redesign is truly exciting. I am using the Branford Magazine style as a base and basically turning WordPress into a CMS. Pretty much everything you see is on a page template and the page templates are pulling posts depending on what categories the post has. If a post is in multiple categories it could show on multiple pages without any work on the authors part other than selecting the categories. I’ve also had to find an event calendar plugin and contact form plugin since this will be functioning as the main Web site for Instructional technology. The coolest thing I’ve discovered in this process is the power of the Custom Fields in WordPress. Custom Fields really are an underutilized feature of WordPress.

Also I was happy to get a mention by D’Arcy in a recent post. He likes the admin bar I did for WPMU many, many moons ago and only recently updated. I’d like to add more functionality to it, but a lack of PHP skill make that unlikely.


  1. Thanks for building the admin bar! I think it adds a great deal to the usability of WP from the author’s side of things. This should be included as part of the core set of WPMU plugins. WPMU is really shaping up to be a great platform. I’m sure having fun with it, anyway 🙂

  2. Thanks! I like admin bar! Its just think that I whanted!