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Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. ~Arthur C. Clarke

960 Grid System

So, it is a bad idea for me to watch movies about typefaces, I’m just sayin’. I think I am going to really look at this site through the lens of typogridphy and by extension the 960 grid system. If that goes well then I may take what I learn and apply it to the Instructional Technology site. Hopefully this research will also find its way into the discussions about the College’s Web site redesign. One of the recurring themes of the movie was the influence type has on conveying the message. This makes total sense to me, bah, maybe I should have been a graphic designer.

Note: The discussion about the divisibility of 960 does make me wonder about an IS topic and whether there is something that could be done…



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3 responses to “960 Grid System”

  1. Eric Maynard Avatar

    Graphics designer?? Leave it to a mathematician to see the beauty of the 960. 🙄

    Just kidding. There is surprisingly a lot of overlap, even in something as visual as color. I only wish that I had that ability to instantly see the connections.

    CSS Grids can be very versatile. We use the Yahoo grids framework on the library’s website.

    1. Jon Avatar

      I’ve played with YUI before, but it just seemed so big and bulky. Blueprint is what I’m playing with now. Of course these all seem to be kind of moot if you are designing a theme for a blog.

  2. Dog Forum Avatar

    I don’t really see the point of a 960 grid system. Guess im confused on what it is.